AAC Infotray AG has developed a new product line inspiring the world of research and analytics.


Limsophy supports cross-departmental thinking and acting. 'Philosophy of Limsophy' means integrated information management. It is important that data crosses departments unobstructed and is made available to each departement in its appropriate form. Limsophy simplifies the transformation of data into information and knowledge.


Limsophy products cover the essential needs of all laboratory types. Limsophy LIMS for analytics and measuring laboratories, Limsophy RIMS and Limsophy RALIMS for R&D laboratories. The complementary products Limsophy Inspection for planning and documenting inspections and audits, Limsophy Creation for developing recipes and Limsophy BPM for quality management complete the Limsophy family.

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Moving data: Limsophy supports interdepartmental thinking and acting across systems, technologies and time. The unobstructed exchange of data between systems and technologies as well as the long-term endurance of data are vital now more than ever. Limsophy integrates systems, overcomes obstacles and resolves media discontinuity. Furthermore, Limsophy provides the option of integrating Web services. The integration of those services is now fully configurable. Web services offer an alternative way of time- and location-independent access to required data for your employees and customers.

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