Exchanging sample data

Water supply Zurich (WVZ) successfully uses Limsophy LIMS while searching for dangerous bacteria called Legionella Pneumophila in hot water circuits of buildings belonging to the city. These bacteria spread in stagnant water of shower hoses, bubble jets or air conditioners very quickly and can be the cause of serious lung diseases. The collected data are provided to the property managers of the city of Zurich by means of the web interface of Limsophy LIMS. There, the managers are able to download the sample reports and see Legionella concentrations on a city map. By providing the access for the property managers of the city of Zurich to the collected data of WVZ, Limsophy technology enables data flows across different departments. This approach to digitization perfectly supports the work processes of property managers and lab technicians.

Read the full report here (German): Exchanging sample data