The LIMS software for people in research and analytics

Our customizable Limsophy solutions are able to cover all your central requirements. Your data flows will be mapped perfectly. Limsophy laboratory software will simply transform your data into information and knowledge.

What is Limsophy LIMS?

Limsophy LIMS is the laboratory information management system which can be perfectly tailored to service, research or company laboratories. Our laboratory software is used in all industries. Limsophy LIMS proves itself both as a stand-alone system and in use with several hundred users, whereby we support the databases MS SQL and Oracle.

Modular structure

The structure of Limsophy LIMS is modular which means that it consists out of modules. These modules are able to perfectly control our customers’ data flows.
If customers wish to adapt our LIMS to their specific needs, we are able to adapt already available modules and integrate further modules while Limsophy retains its full release capability. In addition, powerful parameterization options enable our customers to map their own workflows themselves specifically to their tasks.

Industry-independent concept

Limsophy LIMS is based on a master data foundation whose use is not limited to one specific industry. Thanks to the modular Limsophy technology, the workflows of each laboratory, no matter from which industry, can be mapped perfectly. Laboratories from industries such as chemistry, life sciences, food, plastics, environment, drinking and waste water, pharmaceuticals, materials, construction, agrosciences, etc. use our laboratory software. Customization is always possible while the release capability is retained in full. We’ve been proving this for 20 years.

Limsophy LIMS for service laboratories

Your work processes range from address management for the documentation of customer contacts to the tender preparation, order management and sample processing. They include the reporting, the service recording and creating invoice documents with subsequent transfer of posting records to financial accounting. Limsophy LIMS for service laboratories is best suited for you.

Limsophy RIMS for research laboratories

Your work processes require storing unstructured research data. Your experiment reports are stored project- or study-related. You need elementary project management functions, employee assignment to projects and budget control. You want to document your work with freely definable experiment templates. Limsophy RIMS for research laboratories is best suited for you.

Limsophy LIMS for company laboratories

Your work processes range from manual or automatic recording of samples with batch-related information, such as batch number, material and customer or supplier, to sample processing with automatic allocation of the test profile and limits. They include the manual or automatic recording of sample results and the creation of certificates of analysis. The batch is released via an interface to ERP. Limsophy LIMS for company laboratories is best suited for you.

Your benefits from Limsophy

  • Easy to use
  • Customizable support of your workflows
  • Highest working efficiency thanks to sophisticated software ergonomics
  • Automation of routine tasks
  • Comfortable use of data thanks to the pearl principle
  • Safety through consistent traceability
  • Time saving thanks to high performance
  • Easy integration into any IT environment

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