This LIMS software meets your requirements

Modern laboratories require modern data management. In the work environment of a laboratory, not only have methods and accuracies improved in recent years, the amount of data that needs to be managed has also increased significantly. Measuring instruments deliver numerous results in a short time, samples should be described as precisely as possible. All processes within the laboratory must remain traceable for years to come. while results and reports are to be made available in a timely manner.

The AAC Infotray offers you the possibility to handle the data intelligently, to automate repetitive processes, to carry out evaluations at the push of a button and to support your employees in their daily work. Limsophy has an impact on the whole company through the laboratories.

The laboratory information management system connects the laboratory perfectly with your other business processes and, beyond that, also with your customers.

The following features of Limsophy are required in every laboratory:

  • Precise search functions: Find the right data for your task. Phrase simple queries, save them and then execute them at the touch of a button. Or use the quick search to find data as in search engines.
  • Pearl principle: Just as a pearl presents itself differently from any angle, Limsophy can display data in any manner. You load the required data and examine different aspects of the data with different views, which you can configure yourself.
  • Combination of modern look and the best functions: Work’s supposed to be fun – Limsophy is functional and has got the look. All modules have the same basic control elements so that users work intuitively and efficiently. The look is customizable since the colors and layout of the software can be configured as one wishes.
  • Flexibility controlled by authorizations: Optimize your laboratory processes and integrate customer processes. You are able to configure who is allowed to adjust reports, to send messages and to automate data flows, for example. Even the web portal and interfaces can be configured.
  • Customizable to new requirements: We are able to extend the functionalities of the modules in use and integrate new Limsophy modules into your solution if the workflows of other divisions should also be supported. Limsophy grows with your business while retaining its full release capability.
Limsophy LIMS – ideal for service laboratories and also for company laboratories thanks to its easy use and clean user interface.
Limsophy RIMS – an unpretentious , project-based documentation of research results, which is verifiable.
Limsophy RALIMS – one single system for the documentation of experiments in R&D and sample results in analytics. RALIMS turns data into information.
Limsophy Inspection – planning, documentation and evaluation of inspections and audits.
Limsophy Creation - simplifies the product development of simple and multi-stage recipes and combines them with analytics.
Custom solutions - Are your software requirements not or only insufficiently fulfilled by solutions available on the market? We implement your requirements efficiently with our proven Limsophy platform and support your solution long-term.