Limsophy RIMS

Limsophy RIMS professionalizes your research documentation and keeps knowledge permanently in the company.

With the help of Limsophy, research data are stored in their respective context and not incoherently as raw data. The assignment of experiment and project descriptions to the research data stored in the system turns data into important information. Thanks to the clever search function, relevant information can be found quickly since this function makes it possible to search both in the full texts of the experiments and in stored data or even in both areas combined. The planning and tracking of a project with clear reports and statistics facilitates the project work in the team and makes progress visible.
The data can be stored very easily manually (copy&paste, drag&drop, manual input) or automatically via interfaces to devices.

The creation of experiments, the storage of raw data or the generation of evaluations and reports can be dated exactly. All changes in the system can be traced thanks to the Audit-Trail. To meet the necessary standards, all changes are provided with a user name and time stamp. A dual control principle can also ensure that the rights of users and release rules are respected.