Move data – let us support you

Over 30 employees in three departments Development, Marketing & Sales and Implementation work every day to offer you the perfect solution for your information management system and then implement these solutions in the course of customer projects. Our interdisciplinary teams consist of natural scientists, educational scientists and computer scientists. They are able to speak our customers’ language and understand their needs. Do not hesitate to contact us. We provide high-quality solutions for your processes!

Dr. Köbi Ehrensberger

Chief Executive Officer (Co-CEO)

«We prepare the ground for new digital business models for our customers by digitizing their business processes.»

Dr. Johannes Stadler

Chief Executive Officer (Co-CEO)

«Data is our passion. We use our forward-looking software combined with our expertise to help you to get more from your data.»

Konrad Albrecht

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

«Developing state-of-the-art software on a proven foundation means added value for our customers through continuity.»

Dr. Peter Nüesch

Chief Product Officer (CPO)

«With our modular software, we create tailor-made solutions to optimally map the data flows of the customer processes.»

Eugen Steiner

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

«Since our highly trained employees understand our customers' business, they provide highly competent advice.»

Dr. Köbi Ehrensberger

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Dr. Johannes Stadler

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Eugen Steiner

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Kaspar Sommer

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Dr. Peter Nüesch

Dr Andreas Bayer

Dr. Katrin Bojarski

Franziska Fendt

Melisa Ferizovic

Brian Freudiger

Charlotte Gilbeau

Julia Gretzke

Didier Hirt

Sarah Landolt

Irène Donzé Loetscher

Dr. Peter Pfister

Katharina Rüger

Katrin Rutschmann

Eveline Schwizer

Jérôme Sigg

Dr. Dominik Vagstad

Bernadette Vogler

Dr. Felipe Wettstein

Mark Schneider

Sales & Marketing Manager

Sophie Greco-Hefti

Administration and Accounting

Ahmad Gilbeau-Hammoud

Head of IT