Limsophy RALIMS

The data from research and development activities differ significantly from analytical data.

R&D activities are documented as experiments in the form of texts, graphics and images. These data are unstructured while data concerning analytical results are numeric or simple alphanumeric values most of the time. These data are considered to be highly structured.

Limsophy RALIMS offers linked structures for projects, experiments and results within one single software (RALIMS = Research And Laboratory Information Management System). By storing the data from both worlds in one system, they are in the right context and thus automatically turn into information, which is the basis for knowledge. This software solution for R&D and analytics structures your work, facilitates the retrieval of data in the right context and enables knowledge to be generated out of selective evaluations. With the help of the Audit-Trail and our role concept, inventions and experiments are stored under authorization control and can be reproduced at any time.