Limsophy Web integrates external partners

The foot rot, a painful hoof disease among sheep, is fought throughout Switzerland. The Office for Food Safety and Animal Health in Grisons uses to involve external veterinarians and part-time employees simply and effectively in this process.

The inspections concerning the health condition of sheep flocks are planned with Limsophy LIMS, to which external partners have no access. Once the planning is saved, veterinarians and part-time employees access their personalized inspection orders on the website They inspect sheep flocks and send the samples taken to the office, which then determines the sample results in the laboratory and stores them in Limsophy LIMS. On the basis of the findings, the office decides whether a another inspection of the flock is necessary. If an additional inspection is necessary, another order will be uploaded on the website on schedule.

This is the perfect example of how the digitization of processes, which also include several main offices and branch offices, creates the conditions for the systematic containment of diseases. Instead of distributing inspections according to the so-called watering can principle, they are carried out precisely and efficiently, thus saving costs.