Limsophy: Flexible and extendable step by step

For over 15 years, the traditional Swiss company Lindt & Sprüngli has been relying on the proven Limsophy technology. The flexible and modular Limsophy software platform is increasingly used for the digitization of processes.

As a first step, Limsophy LIMS for company laboratories was introduced to ensure that only the best quality of raw material is used. As a second step, Limsophy Creation was integrated, which supports the entire process of systematically developing new chocolate recipes. The knowledge generated can be kept within the company in case of personnel changes. Step three in 2015 included the management of the whole test equipment, such as scales, temperature sensors, devices, analysis instruments etc., with Limsophy at all locations in Switzerland. In particular, this management is used to define the maintenance intervals and document the maintenance procedure. Step four included the integration of tests concerning packaging materials into the Limsophy software platform. As a fifth step, production checks of end products and storage tests have recently been added.

Besides the integration of other business processes, the existing modules are continuously adapted to current requirements. The increase of allergies is an example for one of these current requirements. This increase leads to a need for advanced allergen management in product development. To meet this challenge, Limsophy Creation has been extended to make the allergen management traceable for the final product declaration based on the raw materials and intermediates.

AAC Infotray proves to be a partner that provides customers with attractive modular process solutions. It supports the digitization of customer processes step by step and in accordance with their company strategy.