Successful digitization of data handling concerning drinking water quality

Since the end of 2017, Winterthur has been using Limsophy LIMS software to monitor urban water quality. The data handling of drinking water monitoring is thus largely automated so that the valuable drinking water data can be evaluated quickly and easy.

With the adaptable import filters of Limsophy LIMS, data of the last 60 years available in various formats were imported from various sources. The logic functions of the Limsophy import filter made it possible to homogenize the data during the import. Deviations of the data quality could be recognized quickly thanks to tabular representations and graphics generated by Limsophy so that they could be corrected manually immediately. Long-term evaluations of these data are possible by means of various search and representation elements of Limsophy. These evaluations provide interesting insights into the course of the urban water quality.

Most samples from Stadtwerk Winterthur are analyzed externally by the Zurich water supply. Since both Zurich and Winterthur process the data concerning drinking water with Limsophy LIMS, the processing procedures could be fully automated. The digitization of the processes increases the reliability of drinking water controls and accelerates the availability of data. Limsophy LIMS enables the agencies in Winterthur to monitor the drinking water quality at any time and to carry out evaluations flexibly and quickly over a wide range of periods.